Zero to One: You can be anything you like in a brave new world evolved beyond the need for women. Technologies enabling the transfer of an individual’s personality to a more advanced non-biological carrier, and extending life to the point of immortality. Humans merge with machines and remake themselves in the image of their higher ideals.

All sentient entities use technology to control and defend the future evolution of their own species and to protect their culture from external influences.

The renaissance of the red pill. Individuals, and not states or groups, are primary. Being human is not a team sport! There will be an eventual technological singularity or creation of a super intelligence that is beyond human intelligence.

All stories begin in our endings: we invent them because we die. So we exist, we humans, in the wreckage of an imagined splendor.

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① Exist! Imagine Higher Ideals

② Move Your Mouse

③ Protect Your Culture

④ Control Evolution

⑤ You Can Be Anything You Like